With the exception of Japan, Actwell is the
official exclusive partner and agent of Patakara® facial trainer in the world, and has multi-national patents.  To provide our customers first class service and in addition to the existing regional distributors, we continue to seek other regional agents to meet customer needs.

In order to ensure quality and safety, Patakara® products are manufactured in Japan using the highest quality material to improve comfort while doing Patakara® exercise and maintaining the highest quality design. Patakara was invented by a dentist, Dr. Yoshiaki Akihiro. With his research team, they have made much effort into working on how Patakara® exercise contributes to health. The results from their research have found Patakara to be highly effective in improving the health and well-being of the elderly. Patakara® is designed according to the characteristics of human facial muscles. It is a non-invasive device and suitable for people of all ages. Please visit www.liptrainer-patakara.com on health.

As the special structure of Patakara® pulls the orbicularis oris muscle from inside, it can exercise up to the whole face.  In addition, it can firmly fixate the skin in order to carry out stretching exercise in the opposite direction. Therefore, it can exercise and stretch up to the muscle group of specific parts (forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, chin and neck) that other exercise methods are unable to exercise up to, to more effectively train the expressive muscle. No wonder the users’ initial responses are become younger and slimmer. Although the effect of beauty is unexpected, the original purpose of this device was rehabilitation for stroke patients.  We are proud to provide this device which has both health and beauty benefits. 

Patakara® is being used in over 5,000 clinics and hospitals in Japan, and many other countries. More than 1000,000 consumers have benefited from the use of this remarkable device in Japan.

It is our hope at Actwell Technology Inc. and Patakara® Co., Ltd. to bring such an exciting and beneficial product, Patakara® facial trainer to aid those people who are in need of such a treatment.