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The reason for ineffectiveness of those popular beauty methods is because they are unable to allow the exercise force to reach the expressive muscle.
Allowing the exercise force to indeed affect the orbicularis oris muscle is the emphasis of training all kinds of facial muscles.

肌に当てるローラー美容器具 フェイストレーニング パタカラ

 The association has completed publishing of the related data

Use voltmeter to see the change in muscles that have been exercised
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Normally (facial expression when talking), mainly moves up to the white muscle (blue). When doing Patakara exercise, it pulls the whole face from inside the mouth, so the red muscle has been moved by it. Use hand to fixate when doing Patakara exercise.  After the muscle has been fixated, it exercises up to the red muscle more effectively.  The area that the muscle has been exercised up to is wider.
As mentioned in the explanation regarding the expressive muscle, unable to train the red muscle, then unable to improve facial loosening and no elasticity problem.(Looks at here in detail)


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