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パタカラによる効果 開発者メッセージ

All of this started from a patient who came to my clinic suffering from brain stroke

sequelae . This patient told me via his wife’s translation.Although it was through

an interpreter, I could still feel the patient’s longing and determination to be cured.

However, the patient’s expectancy of treatment at the time had already surpassed

the field of dental treatment.

At that time, while I was thinking tomyself how to say to the patient,I was desperately

thinking of any methods that could help the patient.In the end,I thought of the dentition

photographic device that I was developing at that time.Perhaps I could use the device

to give it a try.Thus,I immediately inserted the device into the patient’ s

lips that were almost completely unable to move(this device is Patakara’s source

of inspiration) and started to guide him to do lip closing exercise

I did not expect that doing exercise with the use of this device surprisingly has the

function of stimulating the patient’s muscle around the mouth, and pulling the

expressive muscle that is unable to move to exercise and improve it. It really is

an unexpected gift.

This patient’s visit and the use of dentition photographic development allowed me

to accidentally discover .In order to effectively use the unique relationship.between

the lips and body to assist with our health, I carried out the

developing of oral strength training device, Patakara.

What everyone is holding in their hands now is a device that was occasionally

used during its development, and a device in which I noticed its effect.The miracle

of Patakara isgenerated from doctors who trust me and who are willing to use it to

treat their patients,and patients who use it keenly.

You, who are about to use it can definitely personally experience the improved effect.

Even your friends will also feel your change and ask you,have you been doing

anything recently? You look like you have become young.

There are still many people who do not know about this beauty method that can be

done easily, Patakara Exercise.

Please be sure to recommend it to your friends generously.

I sincerely hope that you can become the force to spread happiness.




Yoshiaki Akihiro

(あきひろ よしあき)
・Dental Ph. D.
・Occupational Health Advisor
・Patakara Inventor


Tokyo Dental University, after receiving Ph. D. from Tokyo Dental University, opened Akihiro Dental at Akishima City, Tokyo.
Lecturer at Tokyo Dental University.
Founded Occupational Health Advisor Firm, founded Dental Yumi Co., Ltd.
1997 Invented oral strength training device, Patakara.
2005 Corporate restructuring and renamed the company to Patakara Co., Ltd.
2006 Developed medical device, M Patakara.

Literary Work