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Process on Facial Loosening and Appearing of Nasolabial Folds

効果が出るまで 効果が出るまで 効果が出るまで
1.The condition of strong and powerful expressive muscle while young 2.With the increase of age, loosening and wrinkles quietly appear 3.Facial loosening and appearing of wrinkles because of muscle decline

Process on Result Showing After the Use of Patakara

効果が出るまで 効果が出るまで 効果が出るまで
4.The use of Patakara will firstly train the area around the mouth. The lip muscle that has become powerful will push the declined muscle upwards. The nasolabial folds will become obvious at this stage
5.Continue to use it. When the area around the eyes has also been trained, the increased strength of your orbicularis oris muscle will push the powerless muscle upwards. The nasolabial folds will become light at this moment 6.After having continued to use it again and after the muscle of the whole face has been tightened, the effect of elasticity has been achieved
*The effect varies for each individual


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