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元々は、脳梗塞の後遺症のリハビリのために開発された器具です。 パタカラ
Patakara is made from medical grade materials
表情筋断面図 Insert the device between your teeth, and upper and lower lips. When you close your mouth, the shape of the device and recovery characteristic of the material will pull the orbicularis oris muscle and cheek muscle, and muscles connected to other parts of the face forcibly.
The reason for ineffectiveness of all kinds of methods that exercise from the outer face is because the expressive muscle is lower than skin and fat. It cannot be achieved from the strength of the surface layer. 表情筋の断面図

And the special structure of Patakara pulls the orbicularis oris muscle from inside, so it can exercise up to the whole face. In addition, it can firmly fixate the skin in order to carry out stretching exercise in the opposite direction. Therefore, it can exercise and stretch up to the muscle group of specific parts (forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, chin and neck) that other exercise methods are unable to exercise up to, to more effectively train the expressive muscle.

パタカラの効果がさらにアップします フィップルとは

The aiding device for enhancing the effectiveness of Patakara.

The Patakara special aiding device, Fit-Pull was designed for targeting the characteristic of the expressive muscle.
As long as you do Patakara exercise with the use of Fit-Pull according to usual practice, anyone can easily enhance the effect significantly.
For people who do Patakara exercise for the first time and who wish to see the effect within a short period of time, and enhance the effect of Patakara exercise even more, we strongly recommend them to use the aiding device, Fit-Pull with Patakara.

Exerts the exercise force completely, which enhances exercise effectiveness.

To carry out Patakara exercise after having fixated the expressive muscle is the emphasis of doing Patakara exercise.
Although you can use your hand to press on it, skin easily slips, causing you unable to exert the exercise force completely.
The material of Fit-Pull can penetrate deeply into the fine lines of the skin. You only need to gently press onto the skin to firmly fixate the whole muscle, causing the exercise force to be achieved. Anyone can easily and effectively achieve exercise effectiveness.
フィップルとは 販売元(株)FFC
Due to the characteristic of the material, it may degenerate when it comes into contact with paper or soft synthetic resin. Please store it in the case provided after use.

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