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What is the difference between Lohas Patakara and Patakara Premium ?
As shown in the photo, there is a slight difference in appearance between the two. The design of Patakara Premium is round as a whole, the left/right width has shrunk, the angle of lip area for placing Patakara increased and significantly enhanced the stretching degree of the expressive muscle.
Charm of Patakara Premium

What is its difference compared to Medical (M) Patakara?
Patakara is a beauty device. M Patakara has already gained the Japanese Ministry of Health’s approval for medical devices.
The selling of M Patakara is limited to dental clinics and medical-related institutions. There is also difference in pricing.

What is the product use lifetime?
It depends on the frequency of use. It uses special non-silicone material, is high impact resistant and the handle does not get damaged easily. Under normal usage circumstance, use for more than one year is not a problem.

How many minutes is the hourglass?
About 90 seconds for one time.

Why has the price increased?
This is due to significant increase in raw material prices. Thank you for your understanding.

Can the device be used while the person is having orthodontic treatment?
Yes, it can. If the orthodontic device is inserted on the outside of the teeth, pull the handle slightly forward while keeping the mouth closed tightly.
The use of Patakara can increase lip closing strength and it can prevent orthodontic treatment relapse. And the significant increase in saliva while using can also protect the oral cavity from being easily damaged from friction by the orthodontic treatment device.

Can the device be used while wearing dentures?
Yes, it can. In order to prevent biting of the device using the gums, please be sure to wear dentures before use.

Can the device be used with false teeth?
Yes, it can. There are very few situations that dentures fall off when touched upon by the device. If the device will touch the false teeth while using, please pull the hand le slightly forward.

With the device in the mouth, will I have to perform the open and close movements?
No. Only need to close the mouth tightly in order to effectively stimulate the muscles.

Will it be more effective if used for longer time periods?
No. It is better to increase the frequency of use for better effectiveness.

Will nasolabial folds become more apparent after use?
No. From initial use, it may become more apparent but will reduce shortly.
With muscle stretching, skin tension lines will gradually reduce. Please do not worry.

Why is there a lot of saliva during use of the device?
The amount of salivation varies among people.
Salivation is good as it has a cleaning and anti-bacterial function in the oral cavity. The amount of salivation gradually reduces over time. Do not use with head down.

What do you do if using the device hurts the gums?
Please pull the handle slightly forward and close the mouth tightly. When strength has increased and after adapting to it, it will no longer hurt.
If use results in discomfort and injury, please stop use of the device temporarily to allow healing and start using it again afterwards.

When pulling on the handle, the device may be pulled out of the mouth.
Performing of handle pulling movement when muscle strength is insufficient will result in pulling the device out of the mouth. Start with the basic exercise of closing the lips with the device for 3 minutes. After that can be easily achieved, then proceed with exercises using the handle.

How should the device be maintained?
Please clean with fresh water and keep in a dry place, ideally in the case in the original packaging.
A denture cleaning solution can also be used for more cleaning. Do not use bleach, hot water or detergents. Please refer to the instruction manual for further details.

Is it necessary to replace the device if it becomes discoloured after consistent use?
Due to the nature of the material, various things like food, coffee, tea, lipstick etc. may easily stain the device. However, if general cleaning methods are followed, discolouration of the device will not result in health issues, nor affect the function of the device. Feel free to continue use.

Can the device be bleached?
No. Do not ever clean with bleach. Rinsing with fresh water is normally enough for cleaning. Use denture washing liquids for a more thorough clean. Please refer to the instruction manual for further details.

Can the device be cleaned using toothbrush?
No. It may result in small scratches on the surface of the device, so please do not use this method.