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◆Facial muscles are interconnected.

The face has all kinds of muscles, in which each muscle is interconnected (Figure 1).
Therefore, it is necessary to view the expressive muscle as a group of muscles to exercise when training!
( pic1 )表情筋のしくみ

As the expressive muscle is fragile and thin, and there are neither fascias nor joints to fixate it, it easily slips while training and so it is unlikely to be effective. Therefore, it is extremely important to make a fixed point so that the exercise force can indeed reach the muscles (use hand to press on it) (Figure 2).

The expressive muscle is the general term for all kinds of facial muscles. Each of the muscles is interconnected, so it is very difficult to do individual training. Therefore, it is necessary to train all of the muscles as a whole for effectiveness.

The muscle that maintains elasticity of the face is called red muscle (muscle that has durability) and the muscle that does facial expression is called white muscle (muscle that has momentary explosive force). Therefore, you are unable to achieve the effect by using intense movements to train the expressive muscle. The most important is to train up to the red muscle in order to improve loosening of wrinkles.

*Fascia is the membrane that wraps the muscle. It is necessary to have fascia muscle in order to exert maximum force.

◆The expressive muscle is the lowest level of the face

Training it from the surface of the face will be ineffective!
As there is a thick layer of fat below the skin, it is very difficult to train up to the facial expression from the surface of the skin. Patakara trains directly from the expressive muscle, so it is the most effective.

◆Producing of the Nasolabial Folds

Having strong muscles while you are young can support the skin and fat

With the increase of age, the skin and fat will sag when muscles decline and so are unable to support it.
And the orbicularis oris muscle (muscle around the mouth) is the muscle that does not age easily. Therefore, the sagging of fat and skin will be resisted here. The cheek muscle that falls on the orbicularis oris muscle is the nasolabial folds.

Give It a Try!

Put your finger into your mouth like the figure on the left.
口Use your finger to pull your mouth to the side.
口At this
time, the skin on your cheek and fat will form an obvious line on your orbicularis oris muscle. This is the nasolabial folds.

◆The expressive muscle has a definite stimulation point threshold

Feeling comfortable does not mean it is effective!
The expressive muscle possesses the requirement of a specific form and the characteristic to be able to step across the intense strength of the stimulation point to do regular training, to be able to do training.
The stimulation point is called the threshold, which is to say that the training method must be able to cause the strength to surpass the threshold to be able to exert training effectiveness. And it has the characteristic of declining when training is not continuous.



The reason for ineffectiveness of those popular beauty methods is because they are unable to allow the exercise force to reach the expressive muscle.  Allowing the exercise force to indeed affect the orbicularis oris muscle is the emphasis of training all kinds of facial muscles.

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